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    5 Reasons To Use Tyvek for Poster Printing

    By Evans Graphics on 11 August 2020

    Here at Evans Graphics we oversee a ton of poster printing.

    Whether it for promotional or personal means, large-scale, high quality images remain as impactful and as popular as ever.

    We’re regularly asked what the best material is for creating posters and this often boils down to two things - budget and application. For anyone intending to display theirs outside however, there is an obvious choice.

    Tyvek - commonly referred to as DuPont, the name of its manufacturer - will not only ensure your design looks the part but lasts the course.

    A non-woven synthetic, this versatile substrate is made from high density polyethylene fibres. And what on the surface looks just like paper, is in fact far more robust.

    Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider printing your next poster onto it…

    1 It’s Untearable

    When we said Tyvek was made of hard stuff, we meant it. Not only are prints of this kind waterproof, they are untearable. Yes, really.

    Tyvek will stand up to the likes of acids, bases and salts and prove impossible to rip – a huge plus when it comes to posters. Proven to outlast banner grade PVC it is ideal for artwork intended for external use.

    In fact, so strong is Tyvek it requires nothing in the way of reinforcement. No welding is needed for support around the edges.

    MDF Tyvek poster - Evans Graphics

    2 Superb Printability

    You’d be forgiven for thinking a material this tough would prove difficult, even impossible, to print onto. The opposite is in fact true.

    Tyvek lends itself to the digital printing process brilliantly and a high-quality output is guaranteed. Maximum colour impact is achieved every time, ensuring justice is given to even the most complex of designs. Furthermore, it can be printed onto either side for those seeking double-sided posters.

    It can also be printed in a roll format. The Evans team are able to print Tyvek posters and banners alike in sizes of up to 1300mm wide x whatever length you require.

    If it’s large-scale event or canvas-style promotional banners you’re on the lookout for, there is no better option.

    3 Recyclable

    For businesses seeking to become more sustainable, it’s refreshing to discover Tyvek is also 100% recyclable. Posters serve a purpose but often a short-lived one, and it’s heartening to know they can be discarded of in a responsible fashion that is better for the environment.

    4 Versatility

    We’ve already touched upon how easy Tyvek is to roll but there’s more where that came from. Depending on your exact purpose there could be a need to eyelet, fold, tape, trim or sew the final product. All are possible with this a most unique material, one also utilised to create fashion garments.

    Yes, Tyvek is nothing if not versatile. Posters can quickly inspire large event, advertising and canvas style promotional banners made from the exact same material.

    MDF Tyvek posters - Evans Graphics

    5 Cost

    On the pricing front Tyvek presents a more cost-effective solution to its closest challenger, the aforementioned banner grade PVC, which it is proven to outlast. It’s also better suited to small print runs, making for a more flexible service. Quicker turnaround times are nearly always reflected in the final quote and pound-for-pound there is little doubt Tyvek provides better value.

    There is no question in our mind that Tyvek is unrivalled when it comes to printing exterior grade posters. Its reliability, printability and sustainability make it the clear choice for anyone on the lookout for outdoor display work. And having produced 1000’s of square metres worth of the stuff, we should know!

    For more information on poster printing with Tyvek view our dedicated page.

    Want to start your own print project using Tyvek? Contact us or Request A Quote.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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