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    Can Foamex Board Be Recycled?

    By Evans Graphics on 02 January 2018

    Foamex board is a wonderful material to print onto. It is very easy and quick to do so, and provides a durable finish that holds up well even when outdoors, in fact it isn’t even affected by rain or frost. It’s also cheap, readily available and versatile, everything you want a material to be.

    MDF recycling Foamex - Evans Graphics

    This is why is is so often used for signage and displays at conventions and shows, however the discardable nature of one time use products is something worth considering. As the need to recycle and the awareness of the damage we are doing to environment increases daily, considerations must be taken when choosing materials.

    The world continues to generate waste plastic at an astonishing rate with the latest estimates putting the total amount of waste plastic generated at over 6.3 billion tonnes – of which only 9% has been recycled.  That is a staggering amount of waste, and seeing as plastic is highly recyclable the amount that does end up being recycled is worryingly low. We burn more plastic than we reuse (12% Incinerated).

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    Foamex is often used in sizeable sheets and in large quantities, so it is natural to ask what is to be done with it after it has finished being useful. The more responsible consumers among us would be concerned about how they are contributing to the plastic waste problem by using a product that can only be thrown away into landfill afterwards.

    It’s a legitimate concern and is worth noting there are some surprising things made of plastic that cannot be recycled, or at least are not currently accepted for recycling – bubble wrap and plastic bags for example. There are a variety of reasons for this; most often it is cost related, but other obstacles include a lack of a viable process, contamination potential, transportation limitations, and insufficient markets.

    The good news is that Foamex boards are recyclable. Made from PVC foam, they are a type of plastic that is one of the most easy to recycle.  It can be looped as it is 100% reusable, able to be ground down, melted, and recast again and again.

    It’s surprising anyone would choose to bury the stuff in landfill as it’s that useful with a wide variety of products making use of its durable nature, such as PVC windows, cable conduits, guttering, flooring, food packaging and shoes.

    Alternatively, a Foamex sheet is actually of some use to great many people in ways other than intended. Many regular buyers and users of Foamex opt to donate the scrap sheets to local schools and clubs where they make can use of it, instead of either sending it to landfill or sending it for recycling. These organisations and groups often don’t have much in the way of spare resources to purchase such materials and are grateful for the donation.

    Foamex board remains a great material to use and print onto, and when the time comes, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can choose to do your part and send it for recycling. Evans Graphics has partnered with a trade recycling house to ensure all of our scrap Foamex is professionally recycled.

    If you would like to know more about our Foamex printing capabilities contact us here or even take advantage of the Foamex offer we have available.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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