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    Exploring Shoppable Print To Boost Visibility

    By Evans Graphics on 02 February 2023

    Online shopping via digital channels has become the norm, but this isn’t a reason to overlook the value of print.

    Despite lacking some of the obvious interactivity of digital media, offline still has a place in marketing and advertising, especially when it comes to shoppable print.

    One of the most well-known forms of shoppable print is the use of a unique identifier code or QR code. Adding one of these square shaped images to printed content allows for the quick and easy purchase of products from a mobile.

    QR codes keep your brand top of mind and increase visibility from your target audience.

    Here’s how shoppable print methods generally can boost visibility for your business…

    Maximizing print ad engagement with QR codes

    QR codes have been around a while and were actually invented as far back as 1994. Yet it wasn’t until the pandemic that there was a greater demand for contactless technology. As a result, shops, restaurants and many other industries adopted the use of QR codes, meaning they became universally recognisable.

    Making your print ads shoppable with QR codes is a great way to increase engagement. This makes life easier for consumers, providing them with an easy way to act on your printed materials, without having to turn away from the page or search for more information elsewhere.

    With consumers engaged in this way, the likelihood that a reader will skip over printed material in favour of digital content is reduced. It also helps to make it easier to remember content and product listings, encouraging a buy-it-now mentality.

    Making purchasing easier


    For consumers, shoppable print makes purchasing products simpler and faster than ever before. With just one scan of a QR code (courtesy of the camera on a smartphone) they are taken directly from your print ad straight into a checkout page.

    Adding this feature not only increases conversions but also builds trust. It does so by helping shoppers to feel confident there won’t be any delays when purchasing from you.

    Creating an omnichannel experience

    An omnichannel experience connects customers across all platforms. Your print, online and social media output will benefit from offering a seamless and integrated customer journey.

    This unified approach helps build loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more, preventing them from feeling confused as they navigate a web of digital channels to find what they need.

    Image matching technologies

    Image matching technology offers the ability to quickly recognise, compare, and match images with a high level of accuracy. It can be used by a smartphone to identify objects in printed photos.

    This technology is becoming increasingly important for businesses and organisations as they look for ways to automate processes. For example, matching product images with purchase histories, thus assisting in product recommendation systems.

    Using shoppable print to boost engagement


    Businesses are constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between traditional marketing materials and digital platforms. Shoppable print helps to address this.

    QR codes are easy to create, with many tools used to generate them completely free. By utilising shoppable print effectively, businesses can improve visibility among their target audience while making it easier for customers to purchase products directly from their phones or tablets.

    There’s no doubt you can add value with interactive elements that monetise your printed ads.

    Whether you're looking for ways to boost engagement with your print or simply want a fast and convenient way for customers to purchase items directly from your website, shoppable print could be just what you need.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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