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    Green Printing: How The Print Sector Is Cleaning Up Its Act

    By Evans Graphics on 01 December 2023

    More and more the push towards environmental sustainability has touched every industry, including the print sector. Traditionally perceived as a resource-intensive industry, printing has often faced harsh criticism for its negative effect on the planet. However, companies like Evans Graphics are spearheading a green revolution in printing. We feel it's possible to combine quality and be environmentally aware.

    The Green Challenge in Printing

    Historically, printing has been associated with high volumes of paper waste, energy consumption, and the use of volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs) found in many inks and solvents. The sector's carbon footprint, stemming from these elements and the logistics of shipping printed materials worldwide, has become ever more important for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

    Embracing Sustainability

    Recognising these challenges, the printing industry has started a journey of change. The core areas of this transformation involve:

    Sustainable Materials: One of the most significant shifts is the increased use of recycled and responsibly sourced paper. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper is now a staple in many print shops. This certification ensures the paper products used come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

    Eco-friendly Inks: Traditional petroleum-based inks are giving way to soy and vegetable-based alternatives. These inks not only reduce the emission of VOCs but also provide a higher quality of print in terms of vividness and clarity. This really is a win-win result.

    Energy Efficiency: The print industry is increasingly adopting renewable energy sources. Solar-powered printing facilities and energy-efficient printing equipment are becoming ever more common, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the printing process.

    Waste Reduction: Companies are implementing strategies to cut back on waste. This involves optimising printing layouts to reduce paper waste and recycle more. Here at Evans Graphics we find the habit of waste reduction creates substantial savings.

    Digital Printing: Digital printing technology, unlike traditional offset printing, allows for shorter runs. This means only printing the quantity required, reducing both paper waste and energy consumption. Digital printing technologies also typically use less harmful chemicals.

    Green Initiatives at Evans Graphics

    Reduced Waste: Through precise calculations and efficient layout designs, Evans Graphics ensures minimal paper and ink wastage.

    Sustainable Materials: The company prefers using recycled or sustainably sourced paper and eco-friendly inks for most of our printing jobs.

    Energy Efficiency: Emphasis on using energy-efficient machinery and considering renewable energy sources is a significant aspect of our green policy.

    The Future of Green Printing

    Innovation in the sector is on-going with research into more sustainable materials and processes. Biodegradable plastics for packaging and further advancements in energy efficiency are areas where the printing industry is already making real progress.

    Customer Roles and Responsibilities

    The drive towards sustainable printing isn't just the responsibility of printers like Evans Graphics. Our customers also play a key role. By choosing printers who use sustainable practices and materials, businesses and individuals can make a big difference, encouraging more eco-friendly methods industry-wide. Customers should also be mindful of their print orders, avoiding unnecessary bulk orders and going for digital alternatives where possible.

    …and finally:

    The print industry, once a notable contributor to environmental concerns, is rapidly reinventing itself. With companies like Evans Graphics leading the change, the sector is proving that high-quality printing can also be environmentally responsible. As technology advances and awareness grows, green printing is set to become not just an alternative but the norm. It's a two-way street, and each one of us, whether as a service provider or a consumer, has a role to play in ensuring the future of printing remains both green and sustainable.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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