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    Make The Most of Print

    By Evans Graphics on 21 December 2016

    Getting your message out to your audience is the great unending challenge of every business. Whatever your industry, making sure you are capitalising on your print investment is an important part of your marketing mix.

    No matter the subject, focus or objective, print offers the reach and effect that few other mediums can. 

    However you can’t expect rewards and results without effort. Rushing and cutting corners, which happens far too frequently, places outcome and effect at risk. Applying the important ground work, extra thought and detail can make all the difference.

    Of course every project has budgets, an end objective, time frames, targets to reach, results and that all important RIO to deliver.  Though mastering any piece of print and reaching its fullest potential, starts with consideration, and some invested time before the printers are switched on.

    So whether your project is promotional, advertorial, big or small take a look at the following recommendations.

    1. Know your Audience

    MDF Design Target Audience - Evans GraphicsEven before you open up Illustrator you must have a focus and know who the piece of print is for and its purpose in being produced. Outlining this from the very starting blocks is key. Your audience should and will influence and impact on every decision you make going forward.

    Such as:
    Content and Messaging
    Structure and format

    Without the audience defined there is a risk, so everything must be aligned, and appropriate.

    Without this knowledge your print could go completely missed... No matter the form, flashy finishes and details remember who it’s for, re-remind yourself throughout the development.

    2. We can't Work Miracles

    A professional design is needed; you may pay for a top of the range finish and print process, but if the design is not to standard, the printing is not going to improve that … we can’t achieve the impossible.

    So ensure the creative developer has all the assets they may require and are software savvy. Providing a detailed brief to help guide and produce the wanted outcome. Ensure you are happy before sending off and ask the questions you need to ask.

    If in doubt, speak to us and our in-house design team can work with you to produce something amazing.

    3. Consider your Options

    Understand and explore your options, do your research and invest time to think outside the box.  Look at different scales and formats, perhaps vehicle wraps and decals?  Invest time and thought in this exploratory phase to how you can provide impact and appeal. We don’t just provide print solutions; we craft experiences.

    With this in mind, going against the everyday can provide you that all important edge. Being lazy is easy, and producing the same collateral or generic poster becomes habit, so dare to be bold, try different ideas and mediums, you could open up a new vein of opportunity.

    4. Quality First

    MDF Printer Cartridge - Evans GraphicsRemember quality control and processes are critical so, check, check and check again. Once your design is printed and in the world there is no taking it back. The quality of your design and the elements within are crucial. Invest the time and be accurate.

    Ensure that all of your photos are print-ready, and are at least 300DPI. Images can make or break a piece of print so using below par images will ruin the finished article.

    5. Incorporate a Call to Action

    Sometimes the design is all you need. Promoting a movie often doesn’t need much more than a release date. However, the print doesn’t have to be it, lead the audience somewhere, don’t end the journey there.

    Adding a call to action can be anything from directions to a store, providing a QR code for smartphones or a URL for your website.

    Help the user journey to carry on from your printed piece, to engage with your service or purchasing your product.

    6. Utilise the resources at your disposal

    Take advantage of the multi-channel world we live in to gain greater reach. Combine offline with online to push and build engagement for your design. Work around any time frames and react quickly to offers or release dates (where applicable) to let your audience know what you have created.

    Ultimately a piece of design, whether it’s a banner, stand, poster or cover art, should illicit a response and start a discussion.

    To get the most out of any printing project it’s crucial you do your research and invest the time it needs to work. Keep the points above in mind and you will be well on your way to producing something unforgettable.

    At Evans Graphics we always suggest that you ask for advice and talk to our specialists. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the best results to all and any of your print projects. 

    Want to start your own print project? Contact us or Request A Quote.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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