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    The Benefits of Exterior Signage

    By Evans Graphics on 06 November 2017

    Business and the way we conduct it is ever changing.  Yet despite all of the new ways we now communicate and interact with our clients and customers, one area that still matters most to the majority of businesses is a quality, impactful exterior sign.


    A lot of businesses overlook this crucial piece of marketing as being critical to their success.

    They may see it as a little old fashioned when compared with newer engagement methods, or think it not worth investing a significant budget into over other endeavours.

    The reality may surprise those of that persuasion.

    Exterior signage is the most cost effective form of advertising any business whose location is visible to potential customers can invest in. Potential customers include everybody, and it’s in constant operation, day or night, open or closed.


    An exterior sign has two primary functions – to advertise your location, and to create the right impression of your business to those who see it.

    The vast majority of most businesses customers are local, living within a couple of miles of its location and likely passing it on a regular basis, maybe even daily. Your sign will be seen by them often – but whether they take note of it depends on how good it is.

    First impressions count, and they will be judging your business by their interpretation of your sign. It needs to convince them that you can be the ones to help them the next time they require your type of service.

    Most people prefer to do business with someone who is known to them, or at least are aware of. It’s why we research companies on the internet and look people up – there needs to be some level of recognition of who we are potentially doing business with.

    By their viewing of your sign they will start to build up an awareness of you, eventually to a sufficient enough level to then see you as an established business that has the potential to be trusted with their needs.

    From there, valuable recommendations can spread.  Valuable because they fast forward through the trusting building process to a place where someone is already open to the idea of dealing with you – just because someone they know told them you exist.

    MDF Exterior Signage - Evans Graphics


    Creating a sign to be as eye catching as possible is not difficult, bright colours, crazy fonts and oversized logos will certainly catch the eye – but the objective is to make it professional as well as noticeable. You want to present your business positively and advertise what it is about.

    Carefully considering who your potential customers are will inform your design decisions in the same way they would have been done for your branding - ensuring you are putting across the right message is important.

    This will leave those who view it under no illusions as to what you do as a business - but more importantly what you can do for them.

    It’s all simple stuff, and all too easily forgotten. Walk down your average high street and identify the business who have invested in their signage, and those that haven’t.  Your own first impressions of these businesses will demonstrate to yourself just how much of an effect it can have on your judgement.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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