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    Why Foamex Is Great To Print Onto

    By Evans Graphics on 16 February 2017

    Whilst innovations in printing technology mean we can now print directly on to acrylic, metal or even route individual solid core letters, there will always be a place for reliable, affordable materials such as Foamex board.

    MDF Printed Foamex Sheet - Evans Graphics

    MDF Foamex Board - Evans Graphics

    For the uninitiated, Foamex is a sheet of compressed PVC foam, made up of consolidated small cells sealed between two smooth outer faces. This outer layer takes colour beautifully having been treated for optimum print.

    It is so versatile that it can be painted, engraved, cut to shape or layered.

    This fantastically light wonder material is also known as foamalite, forex and palite.

    It’s Diverse

    With few creative limitations, Foamex board allows you significant creative freedom as not only can you print any design you care to dream up, it’s so light you don’t have to worry about how to hang it or where.

    This alone makes Foamex a fantastically diverse material. Large wooden framed canvases can undermine mountings over time, especially if affixed to plasterboard walls.  This is less of a concern with Foamex board, especially if you use one of the thinner grades which has a lighter specific density.

    Because of this, Foamex can transform; bland offices into colourful creative spaces, drab and boring stores into something enticing and exhibition stands into visual spectacles.

    What to use it for?

    Because Foamex board is so adaptable, it is frequently used for exhibition signage and panelling, stage skirts, point of sales, advertising boards and banners, window displays, wall cladding and backdrops. Amongst many others.

    Its lightness makes it easy to work with and easy to transport, so it’s a firm favourite in the industry and amongst businesses big and small.

    It’s also incredibly cost effective. Foamex is great value especially when you consider its versatility. With the right methods and print finishes, a Foamex board, mounted in the right way, can have the look and feel of something far more expensive.

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    The Benefits

    As if versatility, lightness and affordability weren’t enough, Foamex also offers the additional benefits:

    • Can be heat bent, screwed and glued.
    • Water repellent and weatherproof
    • Recyclable material
    • Direct printing
    • Available in wide range of material thicknesses
    • Applicable to most surfaces
    • Low maintenance
    • UV resistant
    • Printable on both sides
    • No lamination of graphics needed

    If Foamex board is a material you’re interested in working with for your next project, we can print up to 3000 x 2000mm in one pass, and can even CNC profile right up to 2950 x 1995mm for the most accurate of sizing.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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