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    4 Benefits of Printing Vinyl Banners and Posters

    By Evans Graphics on 15 October 2020

    Did you know vinyl is the second biggest selling plastic in the world? There’s a good reason for that.

    Since its discovery 100 years ago, this versatile material, created by chance, has become a staple of just about every industry imaginable.

    From piping to signage, clothing to flooring and packaging to records, PVC – as it is otherwise known – is both reliable and relied upon.

    It’s also become an obvious choice for anyone looking to create banners or posters designed to last the distance.

    Let’s take a closer look at vinyl and why it’s so suited to these two applications in particular.


    Back in the 1920s revered rubber scientist Waldo Semon was on the lookout for a synthetic adhesive. During the course of his many experiments he stumbled on a formula that would in its own unique way change the world.

    In combining chlorine and ethylene, Semon created the compound known as ethylene dichloride. He exposed this to a high temperature, converting it to what we now know as vinyl chloride monomer. The standard polymerisation process that followed enabled VCM to become a polyvinyl chloride resin and a chemically stable one at that.

    Delighted with what he’d found, the chemist set to work creating golf balls this same way. As good a place to start as any…

    Demand grew steadily in the proceeding years. Vinyl was deployed as coated wire for military ships during the second World War and became a fixture of building sites some 30 years later. The fact it was fireproof helped in both those instances.

    Now few of us can do without it. Vinyl products are commonplace in the aerospace, automotive, health care and retail sectors to name just a few.

    It’s also proven a great substrate on which to print.


    The material lends itself to large format, full colour printing and has the added benefit of being easily laminated or shape cut.

    As mentioned, vinyl has a host of applications but has emerged as one of the best options for banners and posters alike.

    Here’s why…

    MDF vinyl banner printing - Evans Graphics

    1 Durability

    Anything printed onto vinyl endures.

    A durable material in the purest sense it is proven to withstand the elements, making it the obvious choice for anything intended for external display.

    Unlike similar collateral printed onto different materials, vinyl banners and posters will stand up to almost anything thrown at them.

    To help with this, you can re-enforce the design by utilising waterproof or scratch-resistant inks, as we do at Evans Graphics. Yet another protective layer is also available.

    If you’re promoting a business, offer or service you want to know your marketing material will survive beyond a day or two. Vinyl products - and vinyl banners and posters specifically - bring that guarantee.

    2 Quality

    Toughness often comes at the expense of appearance. Not so with vinyl.

    The opposite is in fact true. Printed colours appear brighter, clearer and more defined. The incredible quality enhances designs and makes them look that bit more professional, to the delight of customers.

    So striking is the print detailing, it’s little wonder businesses invest in vinyl banners and posters on such a huge scale. They have the desired impact.

    On your next visit to the supermarket keep an eye out for window wraps which are made from this same material. They are strategically placed to attract footfall and often succeed in doing so.

    3 Versatility

    Vinyl - and by extension banners and posters created with it - is refreshingly versatile.

    Not only can you print onto both sides of the material – increasing reach – but cut and shape it to any size you wish, all within very small tolerances.

    Better still this variety of poster can be hemmed, folded or fitted with eyelets. Other fixings may also be applied.

    This allows for near total customisation, ideal for those seeking something unique to them and their business.

    4 Cost

    Vinyl banners and posters are affordable and represent a cost-effective form of marketing.

    Because they are printed quickly with little in the way of setup costs, no huge pricing is passed onto the customer.

    Moreover, they represent great long-term value. Because of their durability, these products can be used time and again – transported between trade shows and exhibition halls for instance.

    Here at Evans Graphics we can print directly onto your vinyl posters in full colour, straight from original artwork. Our large format digital printers achieve that stunning, impactful look, while a variety of finishing techniques take it to the next level.

    So, if you’re hoping to draw attention in the short, medium and long-term, invest in vinyl banners and/or vinyl posters to capture imaginations. This much loved and versatile material will convey your message better, for longer.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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