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    The Impact of Custom Pull Up Banners

    By Evans Graphics on 05 December 2019

    Pull up banners are not exactly a new marketing tool but remain one of the most effective. A means of marketing a company, event or promotion, they have the ability to catch the eye and entice business. Better still, they do so without breaking the bank.

    The advancement of technology and online advertising was believed to have lessened the appeal of custom banners. Instead their popularity and impact endures. We’ve taken a look at a few reasons why...


    To begin with pull-up banners – or roller banners if you prefer – are easy to assemble.

    In keeping with the name all that’s required is a simple pull... or roll! This is because a retractable mechanism allows you to lift your artwork from the base up before slotting a telescopic pole into position. Together the flat base and pole conspire to hold things together. Yes, it really is that simple.

    No build team nor scaffolding is needed to spread your particular message. This is particular useful since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has led to an increase in home working. A growing number of businesses have invested in branded roller banners, entrusting staff to use them as backdrops for video calls. Find out more here.

    Logistics and Storage

    Given the simplicity with which they are assembled it will come as no surprise to learn banners are just as easily transported. They have the benefit of being light-weight, collapsible and movable, meaning you can literally take your message on the road.

    Between pit stops pull-up banners are easy to store. No great storage facility is required, you can simply retract the graphic back into the base unit for safe keeping ready to be pulled out for its next use.

    MDF Pull-Up Banner Work - Evans Graphics


    Given how low maintenance pull up banners clearly are you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re not exactly long-term solutions – you would be mistaken though.

    Pull up banners can be extremely durable. That said some care does need to be taken when retracting the graphic back into the base. Providing the conditions are right, pull up banners can be utilised as outdoor banners. This is because most are printed onto vinyl, a material known to withstand even the harshest conditions.


    Pull up banners are by no means a one-off piece of marketing collateral. They can be used time and again across a great many locations, this makes them a good and cost effective method of advertising.


    And a return on investment is often quickly realised, providing the graphics are well-designed and produced.   

    Assessing the body language of passers-by is a good reflection on whether your pull up banner is having the desired effect. While there is no guarantee everybody will stop and purchase or sign-up, a long or second look suggests you’ve made an impression at the very least.

    Pull up banners are also very versatile. The chances are you’ll have seen examples at trade shows, shopping centres, restaurants, pubs, exhibitions and supermarket entrances and exits alike. In short, wherever there’s a crowd as being front and centre matters. They are even commonplace on video calls since the outbreak of the Coronavirus forced people to re-think backdrops.


    Before going to print with a pull up banner there are a handful of design tips worth remembering. It also serves to read up on the different types of banner available.

    Firstly, if incorporating images you’ll want to ensure these are of the highest quality. Blurred pictures will succeed only in making your advertisement look cheap and are a poor reflection on the company. Here at Evans Graphics we recommend images be saved to at least 300dpi and as CMYK – meaning they are print ready.

    Much like a word document it serves to design from left to right and top to bottom, while any logo should be shown at eye level. Promotional details are well and good but it’s the company itself that you want to push so don’t make people search for it.

    MDF Space Exhibition Pull-Up Banners - Evans Graphics

    Messaging meanwhile should be kept to a minimum. You have a matter of seconds to grab someone’s attention and too many words will act as an immediate turn-off. Less is more in this respect.

    Striking colours tend to command attention. Orange and red have the biggest impact but when pairing tones a degree of caution is advised. Combining yellow text with a white background for instance will likely result in your wording becoming hard to read – defeating the object entirely.

    To help with this always select a font that is legible, though this should already have been outlined in pre-existing brand guidelines.

    Evans Graphics offer a template for you to work with, helping to ensure all sizing and dimensions are correct.

    Learn more about designing roller banners here.


    We also offer a solution that promises to light up your banner, quite literally.

    By introducing a 5-watt LED spotlight we help clients spread their message further and longer. An integral bullnose clip is placed onto the banners pole, while a stylish curved arm sweeps over the design, illuminating it in the process. With no risk of burning, this has become a popular feature. And for good reason.

    While more resources are being poured into online channels the power of the pull-up banner is undeniable. Why else would huge companies such as Gucci, Nike, Virgin, Sony and Wilkinson all continue to utilise them across the world?

    Sometimes the oldest marketing tools really are the best.

    To learn more about pull-up banners, including mesh and PVC examples, click here.

    Want to create your own Custom Pull-Up Banner? Request A Quote or Contact Us.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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