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    Different Types of Custom Banners Explained

    By Evans Graphics on 20 February 2020

    Different types of custom banners can be more effective in certain situations. Finding the right banner to perfectly portray your message is an important part of the design process and can have a negative impact if not carefully considered. If you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your banner, then choosing a banner type should be an easy task using the considerations and information below.

    Pull-Up Banners

    Pull-up banners have been established as an effective marketing tool for a long time. Their versatility and their ability to make a quick impact mean that they lend themselves to many different applications effectively.

    Mostly used at trade shows, exhibitions, event promotions, and indoor events, these are ordinarily printed as vinyl banners and suitable for a wide range of settings given they are retractable and come with their own stand. In fact they grew in popularity in the wake of the Coronavirus and a sudden rise in home working. Those taking video calls welcomed the opportunity to professionalise their backdrops.

    Indeed custom pull-up banners can be placed almost anywhere and are a good option when space may be limited. Not only this, but the fact that they retract into the base means that they are extremely easy to be transported and equally as easy to set up.  

    When it comes to design possibilities with your pull-up banner, you have the advantage of people viewing the product in close proximity, allowing you to add a bit more detail than a mesh or PVC banner ,which is likely to be viewed a little further afield.  This lends itself to situations where you may want to add a small amount of text, for example information about your company at a trade event. It is worth noting that even with pull-up banners, too much text is discouraged as this tends to turn people away. You can read more about our design tips for pull-up banners here.

    MDF Custom Vinyl Banner Print- Evans Graphics

    Pull-up banners are a good option if you are:

    • Working with limited space
    • Expecting your audience to interact with your banner at close proximity
    • Wanting to convey more information
    • Wanting to re-use the banner at other events

    Examples of applications:

    • Trade shows
    • Exhibitions
    • Business banners
    • Event promotions
    • Short-term outdoor use
    • Indoor events
    • Reception areas
    • Retail

    Mesh Banners

    Mesh banners are lightweight and strong, making them a much sturdier option for banners that may be exposed to adverse weather conditions. In short, they are the outdoor banner.

    With thousands of small holes in the fabric, this variety of custom banner allows air to flow through the material instead of pushing against it and causing damage. Equally the material will not fade in the sunshine given its printed with a UV protected coating, leaving your message brightly coloured for a long period of time. For these reasons, mesh banners are usually used on construction sites, as architectural wraps and as exterior event signage and are generally used in-situ for longer than pull-up banners.

    Commonly, mesh banners are mostly used for large scale brand advertising where just a logo, image and a strapline are used. This is usually due to their positioning as they are mostly placed to be viewed from a distance meaning that the imagery needs to be bold and eye catching. Text for mesh banners situated in such positions must include large font, meaning that mesh banners usually aren’t a good fit for advertisements that require a lot of messaging.

    Custom banners printed onto mesh are also a cost-effective marketing tool, and with the right placement and message can give a good return on investment.

    Due to their size, mesh banners can be a little trickier to set-up and depending on your placement you may need someone to put your banner up for you. Anyone on the lookout for outside banners however is best served investing in this variety.

    MDF Mesh Banners - Evans Graphics

    Mesh banners are a good option if you are:

    • Looking to increase brand awareness
    • Intend on placing your banner further from your audience
    • Wanting to protect from adverse weather conditions
    • Wanting your banner to be displayed for longer

    Examples of applications:

    • Construction sites
    • Architectural wraps
    • Stage backdrops
    • Festivals
    • Outside staging
    • Exterior event signage
    • Temporary signage

    PVC Banners

    PVC banners, or vinyl banners as they are otherwise known, can be used both indoors and out and are a versatile option for many marketing needs. Easy to set-up and take down, PVC banners, like pull-up banners, have the ability to be used multiple times. Not only this but they are easy to transport and can be set up in a number of ways, for example fastened to fences or walls, hung up in or on your premises, fastened to scaffolding and used in exhibitions. This versatility lends itself to companies that travel doing exhibitions or trade shows, or any situation where a company may move around a lot.

    Similar to mesh banners, PVC banners are resilient and stand up to harsh weather conditions. The PVC coating enables the banners to withstand all types of weather, whilst also being very easy to clean to stop them looking tired.

    With the correct design, banners can attract a lot of attention to your message. They sit somewhere between a mesh banner and a pull-up banner with how much content you wish to portray. Whilst pull-up banners are good for audiences to stop and read, usually PVC banners use less text and more visuals in order to still create a quick impact without the audience having to stop too long. This is particularly true with PVC banners placed on the side of the road for drivers’ and pedestrians passing by.

    With PVC banners, some printers – Evans Graphics included – offer you the option of double-sided banners using a specific grade of PVC ensuring the image from the opposite side won’t show through. This gives PVC banners the upper hand if you have an ideal location for each side of your banner to be seen.

    MDF PVC Banner - Evans Graphics

    PVC banners are a good option if you are:

    • Trying to advertise an event or product launch
    • Including a small amount of text
    • Wanting to protect from adverse weather conditions
    • Wanting to put images/messaging on either side of the banner

    Examples of applications:

    • Product launches
    • School events
    • Fetes
    • Outdoor events
    • Promotional events
    • Exterior building signage
    • Exhibitions
    • Celebrations (weddings/birthdays etc)
    • Retail

    Evans Graphics can help you decide which banner will be best for you and your marketing needs. We are experienced in printing all types of banners and are able to provide you with design and production advice.

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