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    The Benefits of Car Decal

    By Evans Graphics on 20 February 2020

    For decades now those hoping to spread the word without breaking the bank have turned to sticker marketing. Old fashioned it might be, effective it most certainly is.

    At its core, advertising is and always will be about getting a message out to the masses. It’s for this reason that magnetic signs for cars and van decal remain so popular.

    Adorning your vehicle with your brand allows you to market as far afield as you wish to drive. Seldom has something so simple proven so impactful.

    So what is there to know about this type of design and what benefits could it bring to your business?

    MDF Car Decal - Evans Graphics


    Taking a message on the road is anything but a new concept. Before cars horsefly nets on horse-drawn carriages carried company names in what was viewed as an innovative approach for the time.

    By the 1930s bumper signs, often printed onto metal or cardboard, were wired to chrome bumpers themselves. Windshield decal soon followed, however the paper strips of the era failed when paired with a bumper.

    Suffice to say, we’ve come a long way since then.  

    In 2020 clear stock can be reverse printed and applied to the inside of windows, allowing them to be read from the outside. Moreover, in much the same way as a conventional sticker, they can be added to any solid surface – bumpers included!

    This breakthrough, itself now decades old, inspired local businesses and businessmen to decorate their company car. And for good reason.

    Elsewhere the rise in magnetic vehicle decal provided an entirely new dimension. Available in any size or shape, this allowed companies to get creative.


    Magnetic car signs bring with them many benefits. Qualities include...

    • Durability
    • Waterproofing
    • Fade resistance
    • Versatility - available in almost any size or shape
    • Made to order
    • Easily removable
    • Will not damage vehicle bodywork
    • Extremely cost effective
    • High quality print
    • Full colour print
    • Suitable for cars and vans

    Put simply, car or van decal can bring great reward for minimal effort.

    Research suggests car advertisement leads to as many as 70,000 impressions a day. Unlike paid ad campaigns now typical of a digital marketing strategy, this involves just one initial outlay. After that the design (in whatever form) pays back in spades.

    That sole investment is also a relatively cheap one. Car decal is never going to bankrupt a business and in fact represents a low-cost alternative to something large scale, like a billboard.

    Signwriting (as it is commonly termed) is also made to withstand.

    Stickers used for these purposes are usually printed onto vinyl. A standard car/bumper sticker is waterproof and should last up to three years at least. We’d say that’s worth the £150 or so you have to stump up in the beginning.

    Likewise, magnetic vehicle decal is durable and fade resistant. Better still, this sort is easy to remove – presenting no risk to your bodywork.

    Decal intended for cars also bring with them a degree of choice. The best printers – Evans Graphics included – allow for full colour printing options to be realised. This allows owners to select colours that complement their particular company car, guaranteeing legibility.

    Similarly, placement is not restricted merely to the bumper. Car decal can be applied to the side of a vehicle (in view of pedestrians) and so too the back (in view of fellow drivers). A moving advertisement might as well cover all bases.

    MDF Vehicle Decal - Evans Graphics


    This form of advertisement does wonders when it comes to building authority and profile. A homeowner requiring a local plumber for instance, may just cast his mind back to that van he passed on the spur road, one displaying a familiar area code.

    The longer this van or vans are on the road, the more recognisable they become. The brand likewise.

    Those with a bigger marketing budget tend to refresh their car decal on a regular basis. This is particularly useful when promoting a new offer. There is every chance those clocking the moving vehicle will contact its owner and quote the very deal they’ve just seen. This works the same way as a visit to a website, only without the need for an internet connection.

    Whether or not you choose to promote a particular offer, it serves to adorn your wheels with the company name, logo, telephone number and URL as standard. A strapline is also a nice touch.

    On the design front the usual rules apply. Big, impactful imagery is advisable, so too a font that’s easy to read. Beware too those aforementioned colour contrasts. Yellow text onto a white van may be harder to make out and lessen impact as a result.

    Whether you favour magnetic vehicle decal or a good old-fashioned bumper sticker, the benefits are clear and plentiful. A cost-effective and impactful piece of marketing collateral, their adoption makes for a quick win for any business.

    To learn more about stickers click here. To learn more about magnetic vehicle decal click here.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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