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    Light Up Your Marketing Message

    By Evans Graphics on 16 January 2020

    The power of the pull-up banner endures.

    A digital takeover has afforded companies’ new means by which to spread their marketing message. Yet new tactics encompassing everything from social media to pay-per-click are still complemented by good, old-fashioned print material. Be in no doubt, these assets remain as impactful as ever.

    We outlined the many benefits of banners in a recent blog post. Ease of assembly right through to basic cost mean they appeal as much today as they ever have.

    And 100 years from now they will remain a simple way to spread a message. There is and never will be a substitute for getting in front of a crowd. Having secured that platform however, you want to maximise the opportunity.

    A way to do just that is by enhancing your banner design, fitting it with accompanying lights.

    In The Spotlight

    While many designers agonise over the look and feel of their artwork far less time is dedicated to additional lighting, which can prove equally important.

    So what, if any difference does it make?

    Aesthetically lights make for a stylish way to illuminate marketing messages… they just look cooler! Their inclusion helps text to stand out and bring attention to parts of a design that would otherwise be overlooked.

    MDF Pull-Up Banner - Evans Graphics

    Those choosing to adopt fonts which are a little hard to read will welcome some assistance in that regard. Lighting can also give artwork an extra dimension, which is never a bad thing.

    Away from the design itself there are practical advantages aplenty.

    Small lights are invaluable if you plan to display your pull-up banner in low or poor light. You will typically find these products in the likes of exhibition halls or at trade shows, locations in which good lighting is by no means guaranteed. You can guard against this variable by incorporating your own LED or halogen equivalent.

    Artificial light also allows you to spread your message for longer. Some choose to erect their banners outside and leave them there, regardless of nightfall. Fitting your own spotlight means those passing at such time can digest the information long after crowds have subsided.

    Lighting helps to lure those very crowds, whatever the hour. A fantastic design may draw attention by itself but there is no danger in increasing that likelihood.


    So what of the lights themselves?

    Those paired with pull-up banners tend to be one of two varieties – halogen or LED.

    The former typically provide a warm, yellow light; the latter a cooler white equivalent.

    Growing numbers now gravitate towards LED given it is proven to be better for the environment. Halogen emits far more heat, and a temperature which is simply unnecessary.

    MDF Intel Pull-Up Banners - Evans Graphics

    By contrast LED is greener and known for having a longer lifespan, one stretching to 10,000 hours. There is also no risk of burning which is reassuring!

    Whichever illuminous light you plump for will consume only a small amount of electricity. The fittings themselves are also cheap, making this an all-round cost-effective option.


    When it comes to assembly - much like pull-up banners themselves - spotlights are easy to manage. Simple to attach, they are a universal fit lending itself to any pop-up display stand. Rest assured, no tools are required for this particular setup. This comes as a relief to those planning to deploy theirs as a backdrop when home working!

    Indeed a bullnose clip is attached to the banner stand pole itself before a curved arm is placed over the design. Flick the switch and your (company) name is up in lights!

    Small and compact they are also very easy to pack away at the end of the day and transport to another location as you seek to quite literally spread your message.

    Should an accident occur it’s comforting to know these spotlights are easily replaced and will never break the bank.  While they do not vary greatly in terms of design most are available with a stylish finish, adding an air of professionalism.

    As outlined in our last article there are various aspects to consider when designing a pull-up banner. While it’s only natural to prioritise the likes of dimensions, imagery, colour and text, it would be remiss to dismiss or forget lighting. Add it to that same checklist.

    Evans Graphics are vastly experienced when it comes to printing banners of all types and provide our own 5-watt LED spotlight to take them to the next level.

    Want to print your own Banner? Contact us or Request A Quote.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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