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    6 Reasons To Invest In Branded Roller Banners When Working From Home

    By Evans Graphics on 18 June 2020

    The world is adjusting to a new kind of normal.

    The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every sector and with it seemingly every business. Charting a course back to sustainability and profitability alike is a huge challenge and a voyage many are taking remotely.

    One of the legacies of the virus looks set to be a rise in home working. Lockdown proved this was not only viable but, in some instances, preferable. Suddenly business owners can keep costs down by relinquishing office space, while their employees stand to benefit from an improved work-life balance.

    If home working is indeed the way forward some key considerations are required. If a reliable IT setup and broadband connection are the first priority, securing a branded backdrop should be the next port of call.

    Let us explain why…

    1 Familiarity

    Pull up banners are examples of enduring marketing collateral. Typically deployed at trade shows or product launches, they help to capture the attention and imagination of passers-by. They do so through a combination of striking design and strong branding. They are just as effective however at re-enforcing a message as they are promoting one.

    MDF branded custom banner - Evans Graphics

    This is never more accurate than when displayed in a home office, on a video call. The likelihood is the client on the other end has a pre-existing relationship with your company. Even so a custom banner adds a degree of familiarity. While you may not be meeting in person, a customer will recognise the brand assets and equate them to a formal setting where you previously convened.

    There is no getting away from the fact virtual meetings are different. Not necessarily worse but different. Introducing branded assets such as roller banners help normalise the circumstances and lessen the significance of any distance.

    2 Consistency

    Ensuring every staff member is able to erect a custom banner adds consistency across the board and shows you remain one company adapting to changing times. Rightly or wrongly some clients may have concerns of defragmentation and diminishing standards. You can allay such fears by showing its business as normal across all teams.

    Recognisable faces and branding will reassure those sceptical about the new arrangement.

    3 Cost

    For some businesses home working will increase simply because people prefer it. For others it will become a financial necessity.

    Those looking to cut costs and by extension office space may shy away from investing in printed materials such as branded roller banners, but theirs is a justified expense. Moreover, it’s a relatively cheap one.

    Custom banners are a cost-effective solution at the best of times, and never more so than with remote working. An inexpensive way of promoting your business on camera is worth a small outlay that won’t threaten to bankrupt you.

    4 Setup

    Unlike big exhibition stands or certain tech, pull up banners are easy to set up. So easy in fact you can expect to have one standing in less than a minute.

    MDF custom roller banner - Evans Graphics

    No expertise nor brawn is required to lift artwork up from an aluminium base using an attached pole. Conveniently, the height can be adjusted to be level with any webcam. Lightweight yet sturdy, pull up banners are easy to transport between offices and homes.

    Better still workers can pack them away into a storage case at the end of each working day, ensuring they don’t take up limited space during personal hours.

    5 Promotion

    Those looking to secure business from a home setting may find custom, branded banners make their job that bit easier. Prospects are met with high impact, immediate branding as soon as they’re connected, visuals that will almost certainly resonate.

    While artwork of this kind presents an opportunity to show professionalism, it also offers the chance to promote key messaging and offers. There is no rule that states every busines should restrict roller banners to one single design…

    These can be seasonal, or campaign led, hence the 'custom' element. No matter the time of the year they present a great way to help spread a message. Furthermore, different teams can have different designs, promoting their particular offering.

    6 Durability

    While retractable banner displays are lightweight, they are built to last. Designs are typically printed onto vinyl which is famously durable. Both the aluminium base and frame meanwhile are sturdy and unlikely to give out after a few weeks’ use.

    One of the benefits of banner durability is the fact they can be used elsewhere and even taken on the road. A move to home working does not spell an end to events.

    High impact, branded banners can be transported from a home office to a conference, exhibition or product launch – of which they’ll be many. And should you return to office working, they make for good reception standees or meeting room decoration. In short, roller banners prove a long-term and cost-effective solution.

    If you or your business is moving away from the office environment be sure to invest in custom banners – a new backdrop for a new way of working.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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