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    Creative Agency Project (INFOGRAPHIC)

    By Evans Graphics on 23 September 2019

    Creative agencies are by their very nature creative environments. Marketeers often seek to inject personality and character into their place of work in the hope of capturing the imaginations of both staff and visitors alike.

    Complete refurbishment may well re-imagine an office space but comes at great expensive. A cost effective alternative is often to deploy various examples of signage throughout the premises. Printed items that won’t break the bank, signs can still lead to people viewing surroundings in a completely different light.

    This approach is one adopted by Neonstone, a creative agency based in Slough. It’s also one overseen by Evans Graphics.

    Our makeover project involved the design, printing and installation of several types of signage, changing the way Neonstone was perceived from the inside and out.

    Those approaching the agency are now met by stylish car park signage made from Foamex. This is complimented by an entrance sign tray printed onto aluminium composite metal and enhanced by a gloss black finish.

    The office itself opens up with a professional looking hallway entrance, defined by wall signage constituting acrylic lettering. This is replicated in main room, this time using sign block characters spray painted in satin white so as to have maximum impact.

    When exiting the building visitors descend a stairwell decorated with a friendly greeting, printed onto Foamex machined using an EXR router.

    All of the above have breathed new life into the business and created an image that better reflects the work they produce. Find more detail in our infographic…

    MDF Neonstone creative agency project - Evans Graphics


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    Author: Evans Graphics

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