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    The Benefits of Magnetic Signs and Graphics

    By Evans Graphics on 29 March 2019

    Businesses looking to stretch a relatively small marketing budget are nearly always attracted to magnetic signage. Lightweight, versatile and cost-effective, it provides an impactful and far-reaching form of advertising without ever threatening to break the bank.

    So commonplace are signs of this type that many simply digest the messages blazoned across them without ever considering the substrate on which they’re printed. Why would you?

    We’re all accustomed to reading information atop of cars, across lawns, over household appliances or throughout a supermarket. Only on reflection do we realise these are dependent on the same thing. You’ve probably guessed what.

    To better understand the magnetic pull – both theoretical and literal - we have taken a closer look at the real benefits of signs created in this manner.


    Magnetic signs are built to last. Intended for both internal and external use, they are invariably fade and wind resistant. These two traits owe much to the make-up of metal itself. Decidedly thicker and sturdier it can withstand weathering that would see-off lesser materials.

    Outdoor durability is best realised when utilising screen printing to create your sign. Whatever its origins however, the likelihood is your magnetic sign will endure.

    Ease of Use

    Simplicity is another reason magnetic signs so appeal. In most cases signage can be positioned by a single person without the need for outside assistance.

    Indeed they are easily applied in the first instance but - just as importantly - easy to remove also. In fact providing the selected surface is dry and clean, there is nothing to stop people adding, removing and re-adding a sign as many times as they like.

    This is particularly helpful for businesses who run frequent sales or seasonal promotions. They will attest to magnetic signs’ long-term value.

    MDF Magnetic Visual Aids - Evans Graphics



    Ease of placement ensures magnetic signs are refreshingly versatile. This is best evidenced in the form of car signage. If a self-employed driver uses the same car for work and leisure, they may want to distinguish between the two.

    This is possible by applying promotional signage during the working day but detaching it of an evening or weekend, something easily done.

    Similarly, if a business employs several drivers but boasts considerably fewer signs, they can store them within the office and ask workers to attach them to their cars only when venturing somewhere.

    This same flexibility extends to all manner of industries and environments. You will come across magnetic signs in rotation everywhere from sporting venues to supermarkets to schools.

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    Ever come across a lawn yard stick or wall plaque? The chances are this is made from a magnetic sign.

    Ever wandered into a convenience store and been directed by arrowheads ushering you in the direction of a SALE? It is fairly safe bet are these too is made from a magnetic sign.

    Ever observed a lesson where schoolchildren are asked to place visual aids in a certain position to better understand a narrative? Yes, these too may come in the form of magnets.

    Ever attended a business meeting and been handed an altogether different business card that feels… magnetic? You guessed it.

    There is seemingly no situation in which magnetic signs can’t crop up.


    The aforementioned versatility owes much to the flexibility that comes with creating magnetic signs. In truth there is no real limit to what you can design. All manner of colours, sizes and shapes can be created, while the end product can be placed on most metallic surface and in almost any scenario.

    Moreover magnetic signs lend themselves to large scale printing, meaning they can be produced in bulk if required.

    Sure enough when it comes to vehicles it is not simply cars that brandish them. You have probably seen magnetic signs on boats, busses and vans to name a few. It is not uncommon for trucks meanwhile to include them upon tailgates. Why not?

    Domestically, magnetic signs are commonly found in the form of fridge magnets. From the owner’s perspective these help to keep important documents or reminders front and centre. From a marketing perspective, the creators of said magnets gain cheap, daily exposure. Mum and dad are never unlikely to forget a logo they encounter every time they retrieve some milk!

    Of course refrigerator magnets do not have to be anything other than decorative. Some contain pictures, others quotes but all serve the same purpose.

    Signs put together in this fashion tend to be composed of vinyl with the all-important magnetic backing. The former allows for easy cleaning while the combination is typically lightweight and so straightforward enough to handle.


    Think of magnetic signs as mini billboards or when placed upon vehicles, a moving equivalent. Instant advertisements, they help to get your message across with little effort. Driving instructors in particular benefit from the fact this signage can be seen from more than one side of the road.

    Magnetic signs double up are cost-effective marketing tools. An initial outlay has the potential to bring a long-term return on investment and then some.

    The benefits of magnetic signs are undeniable and explain their lasting appeal. What on the surface appear standard designs can prove useful, informative, promotional and/or profitable depending on how they are deployed.

    The beauty of magnetic signs above all is their simplicity. We have become accustomed to seeing dozens every day without ever giving thought to how they are put together - and that was never the point. Providing we  passers-by process the message or artwork they have succeeded.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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