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    Common Uses for Magnetic Signs and Graphics

    By Evans Graphics on 28 March 2019


    MDF magnetic signs - Evans Graphics

    As printing technology has advanced, so too has the ability to print on materials and substrates other than simple paper and card. Magnetic signs are an excellent example of this, taking a thicker, heavier and more rigid material, and making it a viable and useful option for even large scale digital printing.

    Magnetic sheet and the products from it have found a variety of uses across multiple industries, thanks to its ease of use and unique quality of being removable and reusable. Users are attracted to its ability to be applied only when needed, and removed just as easily when not – and still be durable enough to survive repeat usage over an extended period of time.

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    Vehicle Decals

    One of the most common uses for magnetic signs is on vehicles, in no small part to them being made of the ideal material for magnets to adhere to – or at least most of them are. Company vehicles spend a lot of time on the road, and magnetic signage can quickly turn them into mobile advertisements for your business for a small investment with potentially a very large return.

    The easy to apply and removable nature of magnetic signs is also highly suitable to those who only use their vehicle for business use part time, removing the need to constantly drive around in a brightly branded vehicle even when not needed.

    Warning and Informative Signage

    General purpose signs are ubiquitous, and always will be. Some are temporary, some are permanent, and are made of materials that correspond to that need. But in those instances where a set of common messages are needed at various times, magnetic signs fulfil this role uniquely.

    For example; for containers or storage areas that hold various materials at different times, a set of signs that alert workers to what is currently being stored would be highly useful and cost effective - with the capability to be switched over in moments as soon as the materials arrive.

    Store Messaging and Graphics

    In-store graphics and advertising are an important consideration to those businesses that use them. Retail stores in particular invest heavily in making their sales floors fit their image and brand. There have been many ways used to decorate their interiors over the years, ranging from stickers to paint to wallpapers.

    The advent of magnetic wall graphics changed the game for retailers, offering them a solution that truly ticked all the boxes - simply by using some metal sheeting in their shop fits. By laying it on the walls and other surfaces they wanted to display graphics on, they were able to display stunning graphics and images that could be quickly installed by staff on site – no mess and no fuss.

    The reusable nature of the graphics also meant that commonly sets could be kept for as long as needed and not disposed of, such SALE signage or seasonal graphics.

    Interior Decoration

    The same principal used in retail spaces works for any interior – be it home or office. Feature walls are widely used in all interior environments, and by opting for a magnetic version the process of switching it out for something new takes just a few minutes.

    Offices may want to display their latest efforts, or have seasonal graphics on display through the year. Whatever the reason, magnetic sheet makes it possible.

    Interactive Surfaces

    Taking a feature wall one step further, surfaces can be converted into something to be engaged with. By using a graphic that assists the creative process the addition of a set of magnetic accessories, that can be moved around as ideas are generated and progressed, will turn the wall into a creative aid.  Groups can hash out plans and ideas, or visualise concepts, on a ready-made and reusable space.

    MDF children's magnetic signs - Evans Graphics

    The same also applies to children who already make use of magnets in variety of educational ways, particularly with spelling and numeracy. A magnetic wall with helpful and educational graphics could be an excellent teaching aid.

    Merchandise and Advertising

    As much all signs are a method of advertising, albeit with some it’s merely their presence, some are certainly more geared towards that endeavour than most.

    Advertising and merchandise materials designed to adhere to metal surfaces, such as fridges, computers and filing cabinets are a very common and effective way for brands to get their name out there - increasing brand recognition and presence.

    Limited only by your imagination

    The creation of the signs themselves is only limited by your imagination - colour, design, size and even shape can all be customised to your requirements. At Evans Graphics, we’ll work with you to turn your design into a reality and make it all it can be.

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