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    A How To Guide On Display Board Printing

    By Evans Graphics on 23 January 2024

    At a time where visual communication has taken over our lives, display boards have emerged as a crucial medium for business, education, and events.

    They serve not just as tools for display, but as a powerful means for messaging and branding.

    This guide offers an insight into making your display boards both eye-catching and effective.

    Understanding Display Board Materials

    Choice of material can significantly affect durability, print quality, and overall impact. And there are many materials available to help maximise your messaging powers!

    Foamex Boards

    A popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use, Foamex is a lightweight yet sturdy PVC foam sheet. Its smooth surface is ideal for high-quality digital printing, making it suitable for detailed and vibrant designs.

    Correx Boards

    Known for being cost effective, durable and weather resistance. Correx is a corrugated plastic sheet commonly used for outdoor signs and temporary displays. It offers a balance between strength and weight, making it easy to handle and transport.


    Eco-friendly and recyclable, cardboard is perfect for indoor and temporary use. It's a cost-effective option for events like trade shows and exhibitions, where ease of disposal and environmental friendliness are important.

    The Printing Process: From Concept to Completion


    High-quality printing is vital for creating display boards that are both visually striking and communicative.

    Designing Your Display

    Once you have decided where your messaging will be seen, the design stage is next.

    Start with a clear message and visual strategy. High-resolution graphics and consistent branding elements are important. Use professional design software and stick to colour management principles to ensure that what you want is what you get.

    Choosing the Right Printing Method

    Digital Printing: This is ideal for complex, multi-coloured design. Digital printing offers precision and versatility, suitable for both small and large-scale prints.

    Screen Printing: Best for larger volumes and fewer colours. It's cost-effective and durable, especially when going for simpler designs.

    Finishing Touches

    Post-printing finishes like lamination or UV coating can be applied for extra protection and durability. Lamination, available in matte or gloss, not only enhances visual appeal but helps against wear and tear.

    Installation and Maintenance

    Proper installation and maintenance are key to ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of your display boards.

    Installation Tips

    For outdoor installations, secure the boards to withstand weather conditions.

    Consider professional installation for large or complex setups.


    Regularly clean the boards with a soft, damp cloth.

    Store your display boards properly when not in use to prevent damage.

    Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Practices

    Think green! Sustainable practices in display board printing are becoming more important.

    Choose materials like recyclable cardboard or biodegradable options.

    Strategic Placement


    The placement of your display boards can significantly impact their effectiveness. High footfall areas, strategic points in an event, or places with high visibility are best.

    Consistency Across Media

    Ensure your display boards are in sync with your overall branding and marketing strategy. Consistent use of logos, colour schemes, and messaging strengthens your brand identity.

    Collaborating with Professional Printers

    Partnering with a professional printing service, like Evans Graphics, can elevate the quality and effectiveness of your display boards. Professional printers bring expertise, advanced technology, and an eye for detail.

    Benefits of Professional Services

    Expert advice on material selection, design optimisation, and installation is invaluable.

    Access to high-quality printing technology for superior print fidelity is equally important.

    Choose wisely to realise timely and reliable execution, from printing to delivery.


    Today, display board printing combines creativity with the latest tech. From selecting the right material to choosing the appropriate printing method, each step plays a key role in how your message is conveyed and perceived.

    Collaboration with seasoned professionals like Evans Graphics can really help in making your vision a reality. Whether it’s for advertising, information dissemination, or brand promotion, well-crafted display boards can enhance your communication strategy, leaving a lasting and positive impression on your audience.

    In short, display boards are a great way to get your message across. Contact Evans Graphics today to discuss your next display project.

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