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    Can you Print on Foamex?

    By Evans Graphics on 18 December 2017

    The short answer is yes, you can. In fact Foamex is an ideal material to print onto and can be used for a range of different applications including banners, posters, store displays, menu boards and event signage. It is incredibly easy to print on and is ideal for indoor and outdoor signage use.

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    So why would you use Foamex print and is it a suitable material? Well, that is very much dependant on what you are printing for and what characteristics you would like your printed material or signage to have.

    Strong & Weather proof

    Unlike many other materials like cardboard, Foamex is extremely durable and is resistant to the standard wear and tear any signage or printed material is prone to, particularly if you are looking to print for outdoor use. Rain and frost don’t affect Foamex so if you’re looking for a material to print outdoor menus or promotional posters then Foamex is ideal for you!

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    However, it is also ideal for using at indoor exhibitions and road-shows, again due to its durability but also because it is light weight in nature and easy to pack up at the end of a long week at an industry exhibition- we all know how frantic the final pack up is on a Friday lunchtime!


    You might have a particular design or shape in mind for you display, perhaps an outline of your company logo, some seasonal décor or even a life-size print of your company/team mascot. Foamex is a really flexible material to print on, but also to shape. Through routing and thermoforming the material, almost any shape can be achieved so your display material can be shaped to your design or the content you are printing.

    You can even benefit from a choice of finishes when using Foamex. Printing directly onto the material gives you a matt effect, however if you would like a glossier finish you could opt for a UV varnish which also provides an extra layer of protection (as if it needed to get any stronger).

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    Value for Money

    Quite often, you may find yourself paying through the nose to have your display printed on a material that is flexible and durable. Not with Foamex. You can expect a very similar finish and quality to much more expensive materials like aluminium or Correx.

    Smooth Surface

    Not only does Foamex’s smooth surface mean it is quick and easy to print on, it also makes the material easy to maintain and clean. This paired with the material’s high durability means you will rarely need to replace your display once printed, saving you both time and money.


    Here at Evans Graphics, we can print onto Foamex digitally or directly while accommodating your design needs and providing expert advice so get in touch if you would like your design turned into a reality.

    We also have a Foamex offer running giving you a fully digitally printed 8 x 4ft fully printed board using your design for only £90 + VAT. To view the full offer, please click here.

    For more information on foamex and how it could meet your design requirements contact Evans Graphics online or call 01628 773 630.

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