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    Create A Modern Office Space

    By Evans Graphics on 24 January 2017

    It’s no secret that a company’s greatest asset is people, but it’s only in the last 20 years or so that there’s been an awareness of how the working environment has a direct impact on productivity and revenue.

    We’ve all heard of the extremes: companies like Google, Apple and Pixar go to extraordinary lengths to create an environment where people feel a tangible sense of excitement, belonging and ownership.

    MDF office space design - Evans Graphics

    It was Apple CEO Steve Jobs who originally designed the Pixar workplace with the specific goal of encouraging communication and more specifically the sharing of ideas.

    Admittedly, the examples above all have near limitless resources and budget to spend on creating a bespoke working environment. The new Apple headquarters alone will cost $5 billion and come with its very own woodland.

    MDF Apple spaceship campus - Evans Graphics

    Let’s get back to reality and analyse what it is that makes a positive workplace.

    Recall the very first time you walked into the house you currently live in: remember how it made you feel?

    That’s how your workplace should feel: huge potential and a real opportunity for those involved to take ownership.

    If your employees are not engaged you’ll find their focus waning and eventually settling on job boards. It may sound like management speak but include them on the journey.

    Using your working environment is an incredibly simple way of communicating everything that makes your business a great place to work.

    Take an objective view of your workspace.  

    That’s what your staff and customers do every day. What you feel is dictated by what you see.

    Look more closely.

    High bare walls, fluorescent lighting, soundproof panelling and technical functionality are the hallmarks of the modern open place office.

    They’re all pretty essential admittedly, but does it proclaim what you do or who you are? The chances are it doesn’t and these visual signals have a major impact on the perception of your customer’s reality.

    We’re a very visual species; the evidence is on every street and in every home in the form of advertising. So creating a visually engaging office space can transform a lukewarm perception into a hugely positive sensory experience.  

    Whether it’s striking decals arching up walls or a back lit logo opposite the elevator door, it can have a huge impact.

    From a client’s viewpoint your team are part of this perceived positivity and you, as the owner, know exactly what you’re doing.  It’s clear, everyone involved contributes to that magic panacea we call ‘brand’.

    Not to get too bogged down in ad-speak, your brand should communicate what you’re about in an easy and effective way and by far the best way to do this is through visuals.

    This transformation of perception is literally unlimited and thanks to the latest print innovations, your vision can be as immersive as you wish. 

    The shift in business attitudes means office workspace décor can be more or less anything you want it to be.

    Rustic benches? Sure.

    Faux fireplaces? Why not?

    But it doesn’t need to be that grand. The difference a simple canvas can make on a pastel wall; the versatility of acrylics used in messaging, or the creativity afforded by window clings cannot be underestimated.

    MDF interior design - Evans Graphics

    But who says your artwork has to be printed on canvas? Why not metal for a more urban vibe. Or wood if you’re feeling rustic. The choice exists so embrace it.

    This is something your employees are excited about seeing coming in to work and your customers take away.

    Think now about how you can change your workspace and inspire the reaction your established customers have already.

    It almost goes without saying; workspace visuals make up not only first impressions, but lasting perceptions.  Remember your house?  Think about how it made you feel before you made it yours… it felt right but it wasn’t a home. Now look again.

    If you're considering an office revamp Evans Graphics can support your from concept, to design to finished product. 

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