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    The Magic of Acrylic

    By Evans Graphics on 06 February 2017

    Acrylic is marvellous stuff. Its unique properties means it can be turned or milled, laser etched, routed and printed on.

    What this means for you, be you a designer, business owner, visual merchandiser or marketer is that you can create a proposition, marketing campaign or signage to just about any design you care to dream up.

    Acrylic is so resilient and easy to work with that it has superseded glass in a great many applications simply because it’s lighter, cheaper and safer too as it doesn’t shatter.

    Acrylic’s thermal properties are rather unique too. It softens under heat rather than melts so it can be shaped into some truly incredible designs.

    More over, it can be drilled and routed with relative ease for the same reasons, leaving a crisp and clean finish which saves time and money.

    This means you can machine or laser-etch a block of acrylic to your exacting specification. Or, better still, print directly on to the acrylic and then shape it under heat to create something utterly unique.

    Acrylic’s malleable nature and strength when rigid can make for design opportunities that would simply be too impractical or too expensive with other materials.

    Because acrylic isn’t just tough and weather resistant it can be opaque or translucent it’s the perfect material to use both inside and outside.

    MDF External Acrylic Display - Evans GraphicsThat means you can create incredible effects for awnings or play areas play areas and schools.

    With such a versatile material, the conventional is nothing short of wasted potential.

    If you want to take your product displays to a new level, you can use acrylic shelving lined with LEDs to create a cool glowing edge effect. The LEDs are heatless so there’s no risk and the internal refraction properties of the acrylic are sufficient to deliver an amazing effect.

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    And all with a custom design printed on or etched straight into the material you can tailor the entire thing to your business.

    You name it; you can more or less do it.

    In fact there are plenty of examples of acrylic brilliantly used all over the place if you stop to notice. Brands like New Look, Subway and Hugo Boss all make use of acrylic in their signs as well as shop fittings.

    At the other end of the spectrum, Google make use of acrylic in everything from ceiling features to meeting rooms and a multitude of other ways.

    Its versatility means that the same material can have almost any finish you care for.

    Between the material and the technologies available to manipulate it, there is a potential for businesses to transform offices, shops, frontages and signage in a near limitless way using just one material.

    With the consideration of how light and durable it is: acrylic is an incredibly affordable material to work with.

    Evans Graphics specialises in working with acrylics and acrylic fabricators. With the ability to print directly onto both sides of the substrate up to three metres by 2 metres, we can help you achieve an end result that truly reflects your design.

    Want to start your own print project using Acrylic? Contact us or Request A Quote.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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