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    What is Acrylic Capable of?

    By Evans Graphics on 10 January 2019

    Acrylic is simply amazing.

    MDF Acrylic Table - Evans GraphicsIt’s versatile, tough and available in a broad spectrum of shapes and colours. In previous blogs we have discussed the considerable advantages of using acrylic over glass as well as the distinct benefits of using this versatile substrate for eye catching and functional signage.

    As a cost effective, durable and lightweight plastic with almost unlimited potential for customisation – acrylic cannot be beaten. So the question is: can your vision be bold enough to stretch this impressive substrate to the very limits of possibility?

    Let’s take a look at some of the more flamboyant ways in which acrylic can be used to achieve that all important wow factor – be it in the office, on the high street or at home!

    In The Office

    MDF Acrylic Sign Art - Evans GraphicsThe workplace should be a veritable playground for the imagination when it comes to attractive signage, furniture and wall art. With so much to communicate and display as a business, it would be a shame to confine your corporate identity to simple 2D signs, dull pictures and cabinets.

    This is one of the areas where visionary use of acrylic can make a huge difference to your office culture: think lighted 3D signs, colourful acrylic furniture, lightweight shelving in neon hues, intricate corporate art with back lighting and so much more.

    Since acrylic weighs 50% less than glass (but offers better transparency) it is the perfect material for exciting wall mounted displays, elaborate signage and outrageously imaginative furniture.

    If there is outdoor space to be utilised then why not consider using acrylic to create raised planting beds to add a little green and seasonal colour to your frontage? When used outdoors, acrylic is exceptionally durable and won’t shatter if broken which is another advantage that it holds over glass.

    On The High Street

    MDF Acrylic 3D Sculpture - Evans GraphicsFrom restaurant interiors to retail frontage, acrylic can be transformed into endless shapes for numerous uses. When the ultimate goal on the busy high street is to attract attention, it makes sense to give your messaging the best possible chance of standing out.  It’s time to think beyond traditional 2D signage and explore the realms of eye catching 3D designs in bold shapes and colours.

    Since many high streets continue to be busy after dusk, ensure that your business message continues to work hard for you by considering the use of lighting effects – perfect for acrylic signage and displays. Lights can be set into hollowed out spaces to attract maximum attention after dark, keeping your business visible long after your competitor’s signage has lost its impact for the day.

    Due to the incredible versatility of acrylic, it can be used to create wild and outrageously fun wall art, cabinets, furniture and display podiums – all of which are perfect for dressing a restaurant or shop on the high street.  What’s more, changing the position or even relocating such items couldn’t be easier due to the lightweight nature of acrylic and its ability not to shatter if dropped.

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    At Home 

    Introducing acrylic into the home is a sure fire way to inject colour, style and personality into your decor. From custom door signs to backlit shelvinor illuminated plinths, all of these ideas can be brought to life by using acrylic. Due to the superior transparency of acrylic, it can be used to showcase a number of things around the home – either as a clear table or cabinet.

    MDF Illuminated Acrylic Plinths - Evans GraphicsChairs and tables made from acrylic can be as luxe or kitsch as your own vision. With so many shapes and colours to consider, almost anything is possible when it comes to design. Without the fear of shattering during house moves or heavy lifting between rooms, items in the home made from acrylic can be easily transported and are also safer than their glass equivalent when it comes to small children or pets.

    We hope that this blog has sent a little inspiration your way when it comes to designing your next project! We encourage our clients to discuss their ideas with us so that we can advise on the best  approach and ensure that your vision is brought to life in as high definition as possible!

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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