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    Why Use Acrylic for Your Signage

    By Evans Graphics on 26 November 2018

    MDF Acrylic Signage - Evans GraphicsWhen it comes to eye catching signage that can stand the test of time and fulfil a multitude of design, customisation and safety considerations – there is one superior substrate that can deliver on all fronts. That is acrylic.

    With incredible versatility and endless design potential, this tough plastic is widely used by a huge number of businesses wishing to promote their brand. From restaurant and retail boards to trade show exhibits, point of sale and office signage – acrylic is the go-to choice for many advertisers due to its significant benefits over other materials.

    Why Choose Acrylic

    One of the beauties of acrylic is that it is far more versatile than many other substrates - including glass. It is extremely malleable and can be cut or machined using CNC into very detailed shapes. This makes it perfect for those businesses with intricate design requirements. What’s more, it can be bent or curved to a desired shape using heat.

    As well as lending itself well to customisation by shape, acrylic can also be easily coloured making it ideal for bright, memorable signage. Available in a wide range of shades (including the precise greenish tinge of plate glass) acrylic can take on solid opaque colour or maintain its translucency – ideal for illuminated signs with translucent graphics.

    Superior Strength

    Did you know that acrylic is up to 20 times stronger than glass but only half the weight? Due to its superior durability it can withstand heavy handling and can be easily relocated between premises due to its light weight. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses which relocate as they grow or travel frequently to exhibitions.

    As well as being more cost-effective than heavier substrates, acrylic won’t shatter if dropped - something that should be considered when planning signage for public places. When combining this considerable safety feature with superior versatility and design potential – it’s easy to see why so many buildings, restaurants and retail chains choose acrylic for their signage.

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    The Many Forms of Acrylic Signage

    So as you can see, acrylic offers businesses a near endless range of benefits when planning custom signage and is selected for a great range of products including:

    • Point of sale displays
    • Front lit & back lit graphic panels
    • Retail signage
    • Restaurant signage
    • Building signage
    • Office branding
    • Directional & informational signage
    • Home decoration

    It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and can be mounted on stand off pegs to create a natural luminosity.

    MDF Acrylic Display - Evans Graphics

    Printing on Acrylic

    Using our large format digital printers, at Evans Graphics we can create high resolution prints as large as the biggest sheets of acrylic available.  This means that the design possibilities for your acrylic signage are virtually unlimited! Discover more about our high resolution acrylic printing here as well as some tips on how create maximum effect for your signage using this service.

    We print at the best resolution possible to suit your supplied images and pride ourselves on the quality and finish of our work. With over 30 years’ of experience, our specialist team has an unrivalled reputation for open and honest communication, excellent customer service and most importantly – the delivery of an exemplary end product to our customers.

    Want to start your own print project using Acrylic? Contact us or Request A Quote.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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