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    How Great Design Improves Your Proposition

    By Evans Graphics on 08 February 2017

    Design for any piece of print is fundamental if you want to generate a response and effective results.

    The application of thought-out and considered creativity can help you produce a quality campaign that impacts and captures attention.

    Far too often undervalued, design is an afterthought, though it plays a towering role in how effective the print is.

    Dog Eat Dog World

    In today’s market distinguishing yourself against the many isn’t easy. We live in a world where the average person encounters thousands of differing marketing messages and advertisements daily. Competition is vast and ever growing.

    To give your campaign the best chance and opportunity, you must utilise every tool to be noticed and recognised in your increasingly cramped vertical.

    Great design can give you that all important edge and help you be seen in this competitive market. Investing both time and thought into the development and design of your piece, can make all the difference.

    MDF iPhone Design - Evans Graphics

    Reflection and Association

    A well designed advert, commercial or piece of creative can trigger a range of emotions. Knowing what you want your audience to feel and backing that up with a slogan or strapline will help the work to resonate.

    The most successful brands in the world are able to move their audience with just images. Think Apple and the John Lewis Christmas advert. From typeface and spacing to colour scheme, the small details count.

    Designing to capture your brands identity and tone is essential, as deviating from what your audience expect can be jarring and the campaign will fall flat.

    Develop and maintain a recognisable brand and make sure it runs through everything you do like a circulatory system.

    Your brand should inject vitality into everything you produce.

    MDF Advert Design - Evans Graphics


    Producing something amazing is rarely easy.

    It takes time for inspiration to set in and for that idea to grow in to something usable. 

    However, once you have an idea, you need to carefully plan how it will look, how it will fit on the page surroundings, placement, colour associations, effective compositions, mediums, audience, appropriation and any previous past design..

    Taking everything into account, addressing and ensuring the printed piece will achieve all that it needs with consideration to the end user is not easy. 

    With 35+ years in the industry, our reputation is built on decades of trust, unmatched quality, and innovative solutions.


    Don’t Limit Yourself

    How can you capture and inspire your audience?

    A pop of colour, appropriate fonts, a combination of high quality images, considered placement and layout, contrast and using negative space efficiently can all help you form stunning artwork and a bold message.

    Being lazy and getting things through the door quickly won’t create the kind of results you are hoping for.

    Creative flare can take you from an average piece to a great piece. Something special, your audience will never forget.

    The opportunities with print are abundant, it’s utilising these within the design which can create something to be proud of.

    If you lack the design skills in house, Evans Graphics work with several highly skilled design teams to support you through your project.

    Want to start your own print project? Contact us or Request A Quote.

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