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    Reasons to Print Presentation Folders

    By Evans Graphics on 29 September 2020

    Digitalisation has rendered many traditional forms of advertising and marketing old hat.

    While few would dispute technology has improved product and reach, certain collateral remains unchanged and better for it.

    A classic example is the presentation folder.

    A small product that makes a big impression, it will always have a place at the meeting table.


    On the surface these cases or wallets are simply a convenient place to pocket papers. To view them as little more however is to ignore their potential.

    That’s because presentation folders are in fact a great way to promote your business.

    When designed and printed correctly they act as an extension of your brand and a powerful one at that.

    The old adage says never attend a meeting empty handed. When attempting to win business or communicate a message, it serves to back up words with printed assets.

    We’ve all been on the receiving end of such handouts and for the most part give them little attention... particularly at the conclusion of a session. Attendees are far likelier to engage with this material if it is presented differently or rather professionally.


    A high quality, durable case complete with your branding will pique interest. One shaped and sized with the exact contents in mind cements this, so too closing mechanisms like a clip or tuck.

    A gloss or silk coating completes the design and goes a long way to distinguishing your content from that of your competition. You’ll both sound and look the part.

    If you haven’t already it’s time to view presentation folders – be they cases or wallets – as an opportunity to steel a march.


    The advantages of investing time into the design and print of such products are obvious.

    Firstly, they help your business and operation to appear both organised and professional.

    Eye catching design on the front and back covers add to your business identity and prove memorable.

    This all helps to make a great impression, whether it be your first or hundredth meeting. In the case of the former, the focus you’ve placed on something seemingly so minor, may just convince them to enter into business with you.

    From a practical standpoint, cases and wallets arm you with important documentation to distribute and are far easier to lug around than a briefcase. A presentation may go swimmingly but is quickly forgotten without takeaways both theoretical and literal.

    And finally, none of this even threatens to break the bank. The printing of presentation packs is relatively small, even for large print runs, making it a low-cost form of marketing.



    It’s not just businessmen in busines settings who benefit from presentation folders either.

    They are commonplace during conferences, throughout education, at product launches and in exhibition halls.

    It’s not always possible to speak directly to every audience member, prospect or the like. Handing them information that contains the key information helps solve that problem and get your message across regardless.

    Cases and wallets can be found in the following scenarios…

    • Conferences
    • Exhibitions
    • Government Meetings
    • Product Launches
    • Project Meetings
    • Sales Events
    • Schools
    • Seminars
    • Universities

    Printing onto Polyproylene

    Evans Graphics specialise in the printing of presentation materials and always encourage customers to adopt polypropylene for their cases and wallets.

    A unique thermoplastic polymer plastic its qualities are ideally suited to this kind of output.

    As highlighted, it is inexpensive without compromising on quality. In actuality polypropylene is very tough, containing great flexural strength that makes it refreshingly malleable.

    Despite that it remains suitably lightweight, which is important given it will be carried around.


    This substrate is also chemical resistant, meaning no small spillage will wreck the design nor valuable contents. It’s this trait which has led to it being used for everyday containers like washing up liquid.

    From a pure print perspective, polypropylene can be decorated on both sides or, should you prefer, be created in transparent, translucent or even opaque form.

    Best of all, it’s 100% recyclable, hence its growing popularity as we shift to a more sustainable outlook.

    Cut to any shape, we can adopt either pre-made dies or an equivalent created to specific needs. We’ll even go as far as discussing depth (gusset) with you, so as to understand exactly what your case is to contain.

    Presentation folders should be far more than an afterthought. In their own small way, they help to communicate what kind of business or service you’re providing and how professional that might be. First impressions count and they help to make yours a great one.

    Click here to learn more about polypropylene cases and wallets...

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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