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    What Is Screen Printing Used For?

    By Evans Graphics on 18 April 2018

    So, you have your idea/design ready to go but aren’t sure where to get started on printing. This is a common problem when tackling a print project which isn’t made easier by the developments in endless different printing methods, making it difficult to know which method will suit your design and application best.

    Understanding the typical applications of different printing methods it a great way of gauging whether a particular route is the right one for your project, and can also enlighten you into the different pros and cons of a process.

    Screen printing is extremely flexible in terms of print material and can print onto almost any surface provided it’s flat and the resulting designs are very durable. It’s great for producing simple designs and high print volumes, only needing to be set up once before printing. The many benefits associated with screen printing make it the ideal solution for a number of different applications including textiles, electronics, and window displays to name only a few.

    Here at Evans Graphics we supply screen printed items to a range of different industries, listed below are just a few…

    MDF Screen Printed Stickers - Evans Graphics


    Screen printing has been around since the Song Dynasty but it didn’t become synonymous with printing on clothing until the 1960s. One of the reasons the technique became so widely used is because of how compatible it is with fabric. As screen printing uses more ink than other processes it gets pushed into the fibres of the fabric being used, meaning that the print lasts for longer on the textile.

    Aesthetically, screen printing can produce vivid colours across all fabrics, regardless of how dark they may be, making the technique perfect for creating vibrant clothing designs. The way that the ink lies in layers on the surface of the fabric also gives the garment a pleasing tactile quality.

    The technique allows printers to replicate the same design multiple times, making it suitable for printing high quantities of custom clothing. Although larger quantities of clothing and textile garments can be produced the cost remains low, which makes screen printing highly suitable for producing textiles for commercial use.


    Screen printing is often used in engineering, electric and automotive industries for control panel covers and surfaces. The reason screen printing is chosen for this is because of its flexibility and durability alike.

    Overlays, or fusion graphics as they are also known, are frequently printed with the image under the surface, this to provide further durability as the nature of the product often means they undergo harsh conditions and significant wear-and-tear.

    Digital printing can also be used for printing these overlays, however specific textures are often a requirement and varying texture is something that cannot be achieved through the likes of digital printing.

    Adopting screen printing as the chosen method also means there is the flexibility to create complex shapes, clear windows, and in some instances anti-glare coatings, which make the fascia easier to read and operate.

    These items are mostly printed onto materials such as Polyester, Polycarbonate and PVC - all of which have varying properties which may be beneficial, depending on your project.

    Screen printing also offers the option of printing directly onto control and electronic chassis panels. This is achieved using specialist 2-part inks which are stove oven dried so they harden. This method can make for a robust and cost-effective option when decorating panels.

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    Window Stickers & Displays

    Window stickers and decals are an effective and accessible way of making the most of the space you have on the outside of your office, retail unit or even vehicle. They allow you to display information like opening times, branding or promotions in an effective way that doesn’t cost the earth.

    The bright colours that lend themselves well to screen printing also work well for both clear and opaque window decals, which is matched with the durability offered by the technique - allowing for decals to be placed on the inside or outside of a window.

    Decals also offer a great way of displaying temporary information as they are easily put up and removed and don’t leave any marks or smudges when taken down, making them perfect for promotional points of sale or offers.

    Whatever Your Project, We’ve Got You Covered

    Whether you are looking to print 1000 window stickers or 200 multi-coloured fusion overlays we have all of your screen printing needs covered and can work to quick turnaround times to ensure your project is delivered on time at a high quality.

    We also have an in-house design team if you require design advice or input to provide a full print solution, and have extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of applications and materials.

    Want to start your own screen printing project? Contact us or Request A Quote.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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