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    What Is Sign Block?

    By Evans Graphics on 27 September 2018

    You can make a sign out of just about anything, albeit with mixed results - which is why professional sign makers have settled on a stable of preferred materials from which to craft their designs, each with their own benefits and disadvantages.


    Wood and metal are the traditional choices, but no less worthy for it – they’ve been used throughout history ever since the need for signs arose in the first place. These materials now bring a feel of quality to any design instead of the ubiquity they once had - in no small part to the increasing cost of using such materials.

    More modern alternatives have largely replaced traditional choices, with those derived from plastics becoming increasingly common. Acrylic, EPS and Foamex have all found their uses within sign making, primarily for their versatility, environmental resistance, and light weight composition.

    However, a relatively new arrival is attracting attention for all the right reasons – Sign Block.


    Made from polyurethane Sign Block is also a plastic derivative, but it possesses a highly desirable set of attributes that has seen the material used in a variety of industries - and is fast becoming the material of choice for sign makers.

    For the same reasons other plastic materials are popular, sign block is light weight allowing for it to be used in significant quantities without having to worry about load bearing or the need for heavy duty fixings.

    This is important because the material isn’t limited to sheets, it can made into blocks of material as large as desired and carved or sculpted into just about any design.

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    EPS foam has been a material used for this before, but has significant limitations because of its low strength, susceptibility to damage, and its soft composition limiting its ability to hold certain details.

    Sign block is much firmer than EPS and can be worked to a much finer level of detail. It also doesn’t melt under solvents so doesn’t have to be specially coated to protect it if spraying directly onto the material.


    The benefits don’t stop there. The material is highly resistant to environmental damage – it’s completely waterproof and won’t rot, is stable under UV light, and is resistant to temperature extremes. It’s also very durable, and won’t crack, split or warp like other materials can and will outdoors.

    In addition to this, the material is easy to work with and finishes well, creating no dust, while still being versatile enough to take a multitude of coatings and finishes – able to be made to look like any other material.

    As if it couldn’t get any better, it’s even made from recycled materials! Helping to reduce waste plastic.

    Consider using Sign Block for your next project and make use of its benefits to elevate your design to the next level. You will likely find you can accomplish more than you thought possible, and Evans Graphics can help you realise your new found potential.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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