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    The Benefits of 3D Signage

    By Evans Graphics on 10 August 2018


    MDF 3D Museum Signage - Evans Graphics

    Signs are great. We’ve spoken before about how beneficial and effective they are at doing what they do – which is announcing your business. 3D signs are even better, because they do everything a flat 2D sign does, plus a whole lot more.


    Making yourself known is key. You could have the best business in the world but none of that matters if no-one knows who you are or what you do, or that you even exist.

    MDF 3D Tattoo Sign - Evans Graphics

    Signs are the most basic but fundamental embodiment of advertising your presence. Their reach may be largely limited to their locality, but don’t underestimate the amount of potential business they can send your way, or how far their reach can eventually spread.

    By adding the third dimension to your signage it takes that basic fulfilment and elevates it to the next level, making your business stand out from the crowd.  Most businesses don’t make adequate use of three dimensional signage, and by doing so miss the opportunity.

    There’s no limit to how elaborate and extensive your sign could be. Some take it to extremes with huge lettering and complex sculptures, others keep it simple - it really is down to what suits your business and branding

    Some businesses lend themselves to more elaborate designs than others. A solicitors or accountancy firm isn’t perhaps the best choice to push the limits of sign making, as potential customers want a serious and trustworthy service and their signs should reflect this. But that doesn’t mean signs should be flat and bland, it just means that some of the more elaborate examples might not be quite right.


    Lighting plays a major role in all signage. They are constantly at work day or night, so adequate and attractive lighting is crucial to maximise their effect.

    When it comes to applying lighting effects 3D signs have a huge advantage over 2D ones. With clever lighting, their potential for shadows, colours and effects far exceed anything that could ever be achieved on a flat surface.

    Depending on the materials used, lights can be set in hollowed out spaces within the 3D elements themselves, creating attention grabbing displays that attract customers.

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    A sign making use of 3D elements can do so in a number of ways. The simplest way is to utilise raised lettering to embolden your logo, and any other details you want the viewer to absorb.

    MDF 3D Las Vegas Sign - Evans GraphicsFor exterior signage, acrylic is often used as it comes in a multitude of colours and can be cut to any desired shape. Metal is also an option, benefitting from increased durability as long as adequately weather proofed - likewise with wooden materials.

    However, some of these materials can get quite expensive, particularly if there is a need for large characters, which is why many instances of ‘3D Signs’ are a bit underwhelming and consist of little more than some cut out letters mounted on a flat surface.

    Interior signs typically don’t have to be as durable, and so can use flimsier materials in their construction. Expanded polystyrene is a popular choice as it enables large elements to be created relatively inexpensively.

    However, polystyrene is truly a flimsy material. Any sort of knock or bump will damage the exterior coating, revealing the stark white material underneath, and so is very unforgiving when it comes to damage.

    Polystyrene is  also quite difficult to work with as  it doesn’t take well to being sprayed with paint in aerosol form – it melts. It needs to be coated before it can be coloured, adding time and expense to the production process.

    Sign Block Is The New Polystyrene- But Better

    There is however, a relatively new material available that can be used both indoors and outside, it’s lightweight, can be sculpted into any desired shape and is more durable than polystyrene.

    Sign Block is a type of rigid foam that is ideal for making 3D elements from as it satisfies all the criteria, and by using this material more extravagant signs are now achievable anywhere. That includes, shop fronts, exhibitions, window displays and even film sets!

    The benefits of having a 3D sign are clear, and if you have an idea for making your business stand out talk to us and we’ll help you make it a reality.

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