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    What Size Should You Print Pull Up Banners?

    By Evans Graphics on 21 June 2022

    The traditional pull-up banner is as impactful as it is timeless.

    A cost-effective form of marketing, this resource has the power to stop a crowd without ever breaking the bank.

    It’s little wonder then that start-ups and conglomerates alike continue to print them in huge numbers, right across the globe.

    But if the size of their reach is a given their physical dimensions vary… greatly, as it happens.

    Exactly which you plump for will depend on the immediate surroundings.

    Roller banners can typically be split into four groups, ranging from smallest to largest.

    Let’s take a closer look at them all…


    Admittedly, banners intended for desktops aren’t likely to pull in big numbers.

    Theirs is an altogether different purpose, typically to display reminders or key information to a small group… be that office staff or groups approaching a checkout.

    That said, we’re all familiar with those displayed on countertops and emblazoned with dates or notices.

    Moreover, we’ve all taken action because of them, even if that was simply to head to customer service.

    They’re small enough not to clutter but big enough to be recognisable and leave an impression.

    Table top banners – as they are also known – tend to reach approximately 440mm high and 330mm wide. It’s not uncommon to find A3 and A4 versions, which make for large print runs.

    Common size: 332mm x 440mm



    A quick Google search will reveal a standard pull up banner to be 800mm x 2000m. In that respect they dwarf the (average) human and lend themselves to exhibition halls, where plenty of humans are gathered in one space.

    Their canvas is large enough to communicate a key message (or offer) and promote brand awareness in a matter of seconds. As harsh as it sounds, only the best designs will command attention for longer.

    Modern versions now tend to be double-sided and have also become a staple of reception areas, banks, schools, showrooms, supermarkets and more.

    Standard banner printing is offered by nearly all professional printers, though the best utilise high quality, UV resistant inks – applying that to durable vinyl. Evans Graphics are among that number.

    Common size: 800mm x 2010mm

    Tall Banners

    Tall banners literally tower above the crowd.

    They are designed in such a way as to overlook an audience in places with footfall may be high but actual movement restricted.

    Printing your key message at the top of a 3000mm high banner will ensure all attendees can at least digest that part of your service offering. Widthwise they tend to be sized around the 850mm mark.

    This output is becoming ever more common at exhibitions and trade shows, where there is always a fight for attention.

    Eclipsing a competitor’s banner by at least 1m will give certainly give you that advantage.

    Common size: 850mm x 3000mm

    Wide Format Banners


    Wide format banners do much the same, only horizontally.

    Again, this creates a larger canvas on which to showcase design skills and of course convey that key message.

    It’s not uncommon to see banners as wide as 2080mm at a modern-day business expo. In fact, many double up as photographic backdrops and are used as part of a wider marketing initiative.

    Knowing how high to print a wide format banner is difficult, though most scale around 2150mm at least.

    Common size: 2080mm x 2160mm

    In conclusion size does matter but that’s not to say small banners cannot have a big impact. Indeed, it all depends on the application and environment.

    An eye-catching design, printed to a high quality and onto a premium material, will capture the imagination providing placement is given as much consideration.

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    Author: Evans Graphics

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